Train the Trainer

Many organisations and business' are now promoting in house staff as Business Trainers and are looking to Train the Trainer. Especially in a fast past environment where resources are not always available to recruit externally.

The question we get asked a lot is 'How do we Train the Trainer?' the simple fact of the matter is that you need to provide training to these individuals so they can use their current business skill set and with a little help from E3E will then be able to empower others to succeed and excel in their role.

We are able to provide bespoke workshops and tailored (to your organisation's business needs) online learning courses that will enable your current Trainers to be able to then begin to develop Learning & Development strategies for your business, it really is as simple as that. 

With resources and our expert guidance we coach, mentor and support your Trainers from beginning to end whilst ensuring they have the knowledge and confidence to excel in their role enabling them to be the best they can. 

What you will Learn

By enrolling your staff onto our course you will be have competent Trainers that will be able to :
Manage workloads effectively.
Provide quality training to individuals with varying learning needs.
Be able to provide effective feedback to boost performance.
Develop and apply creative training/learning techniques.
Identify, recommend and implement training needs.
Manage individuals needs and expectations.
 Work with difficult people & difficult situations.
Report on organisation wide training activity.
 Implement and maintain Training Matrix.

2 day Training & Online Course £575 includes resources (1-3 delegates)

Online Course (approx 6 hours) £55 includes downloadable content
*all prices are inclusive of VAT

Our unique cloud based LMS Platform allows for learning to take place anywhere, anytime on any device. All you need is an Internet or mobile data connection

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